Radio Pulse Transmitters

Compatible with our MOD-R 15 channel receiver these low cost, high reliability battery powered transmitters are ideal for remote data acquisition from any pulse output device.

Above ground type

The RT COM-P requires no power supply so is easily installed even in the most remote locations. The integral battery provides a working life of up to 10 years, and for additional peace of mind the battery condition is continuously reported by the unit. Available in standard and ATEX approved form (for connection to gas meters and for use in hazardous areas) and with a range of up to 3km the RTCOM-P is the default choice for radio linking pulse output meters of all types.

Below ground type

The unique pit transmitter solves the problem of remotely reading water meters and other pit meters. It uses the same powerful transmitter as the standard RT COM-P, but is fitted with a powerful magnet to allow it to be attached to the underside of a manhole cover. The unit utilises the manhole cover itself as an aerial, providing vastly superior performance when compared to any device that has to transmit through the cover. It sounds like a brilliant solution, and it is!

Extended coverage for both can types via repeater units can be provided where longer distances or difficult conditions demand.

All Elcomponent transmitters utilise the OFCOM licenced 153 MHz VHF band for improved performance and freedom from external interference.

A Pit Transmitter - How it works

Above Ground Transmitters

Typical Installation

Pit Transmitter