Portable Energy & PQ Analysers

  • High Accuracy
  • Sophisticated Design
  • Fully Auto-Ranging
  • Easy to use
  • Friendly Software
In today's industrial and commercial environments energy usage and power quality are major issues. Successful and cost-effective operation depend on proper control of energy demand and a supply of electrical power of good quality. For engineers working in this field the right tools have become essential if expensive and possibly dangerous power problems are to be avoided. At Elcomponent we understand the issues, and we've been supplying energy and power quality analysers since 1986. We have an unbeatable range of instruments to make sure our customers have the tools they need to keep the wheels of industry and commerce turning smoothly, and all are available from stock. All the instruments in this section feature on-board printers and/or memory storage for logging critical parameters over extended periods. They provide the skilled engineer with a powerful ally in maintaining the integrity of electrical systems, a role in which accuracy is paramount. All instruments are therefore supplied with a traceable calibration certificate as standard.