MeterWeb Dashboard - energy management system

In addition to a fully configurable dashboard' presentation it provides the following features:

  • Multi-site 'Enterprise' capability
  • League tables
  • Unlimited user-defined meter hierarchies
  • Tariff Package
  • Automatic carbon assessment
  • On-board KPI calculation
  • Fully Configurable graphic reporting

It uses cutting-edge browser design to provide an unmatched userinterface that includes.

  • Dynamic chart rendering
  • 'Drag and drop' functionality
  • Context sensitive screen help
  • RSS news feed interface
  • Messaging area
  • Support package for client hosting
  • SQL server - database driven

MeterWeb is a browser-based dashboard style product designed to complement our MeterRing MM aM&T software package. This energy monitoring software allows you to make detailed data on consumption, carbon emissions and energy costs available to stakeholders in your organisation, via their own dashboard and DEC style display.

MeterWeb also allows power users and administrators to create their own graphs and reports, as well as providing additional material for users to select on their dashboard displays. Utilising half-hour data from a MeterRing MM Database, MeterWeb provides an accessible user-friendly environment to keep non-expert users informed of the carbon performance of the organisation, and crucially, the performance of their own user group within the organisation.

The DEC style 'Front Page' is universally accessible, and requires no log on, so therefore can be used as a rolling 12 month indicator of performance within corporate websites and on reception displays etc.

Logging in takes the user to their own personalised dashboard, and provides power users and administrators with access the charting package and the powerful data analyser for system report production.

MeterWeb is not just another browser based M&T package. It's a very cost effective power management software to help organisations in every sector to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their energy efficiency.

At Elcomponent we've been helping our customers implement successful energy management policies for over twenty years, by providing carefully designed measurement and analysis tools. Measurement is of course the key to management and our range includes everything from a low-cost hand-held logger to a multi-utility sub-metering system covering hundreds of locations.

Advanced Technology for the latest in energy management systems

MeterWeb is based on an OLAP cube which provides huge analysis and reporting power which has been expertly harnessed to deliver unrivalled performance. Large amounts of data are processed very quickly, which means MeterWeb addresses complex tasks faster than ever before and the 'Data Analyser' allows the power user to set up a virtually unlimited set of advanced analysis options.